What Is SEO And Why We Do SEO


We as a website design company optimise your website by removing any irrelevant keywords from your URLs. Our process ensures that a search engine doesn't pick up on any broken links in your website. Our services also include removing Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript and Java scripts from your website and other things which may be slowing it down.

We are aware of the fact that some companies think that Google doesn't care about websites built by them. Some people even think that Google doesn't pay attention to websites created by them. However, you must be careful on using keywords on your website otherwise you may find your website unavailable.

In case any one of these things occurs on your website, you'll get a message like “404 page not found”. Google has a strict policy of ensuring that websites are built and optimised properly in order to rank well in search results without using keywords. If the website isn't built well, Google won't rank it properly and you won't rank well. Google has an eye on your website, so it's vital that you ensure that you do a website optimisation service which ranks well on search engine results.

We don't recommend you using Flash on your website if you want to rank well on search engine results, since Google doesn't use Flash to build its search results and you may not get that perfect result with flash. It's also not advisable to use Silverlight if you don't want Google to see your website. Java and Flash are not compatible with Google browser, since Google doesn't use Java to build its search result pages and you may not get a perfect result with Java and Flash. We understand that you will want to use keywords on your website, but we also advise you to be careful if you don't want Google to see your website.

We are aware that some people don't have the time to do a website optimisation service for their websites. You will also find that some don't want to bother with keyword-rich website. We have a lot of satisfied customers who are satisfied with our services and we have helped them rank on search engine results with our services. Our very own website design company will help you rank on search engine results without keyword-rich website.

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