Website Design Options For Your Tiny Business

Whether you need your business officially recognised or simply want your site to be seen by anybody who passes through your local shopping centre, a website is the key to making more customers happy and more sales. You can choose to create your own site but this can be time-consuming and also expensive, so you may need a web design service company to do it for you.

Getting an official web design service company can be expensive if you want to get it built by a professional company (this is usually at least £1000). You have to get your website published at a major search engine and submit your website to a directory, and then ask your design company to submit it to Google and the others. Also, you have to pay the company £50 a month to list your website with them and then you also have to pay for their technical support and regular maintenance. If you're just building an online brochure online, this can be a cost-effective way to get your business recognised and known.

Creating your own site can be a bit of a hassle if you're not very techy, so it's more practical to choose internet marketing. This option can be cost-effective compared to getting your business recognised and also fast. There are software programs that will help you create your own website and this is often at a cost of £500 or less. There are also free website builders that you can use where you can get your website created for around £60 a month. You can get free website templates if you want, and then add your own content. You can also use a free web template if you want.

There are various reasons why businesses choose the internet marketing route over the company website. For example, if you're running an ecommerce site then you need your own website and domain name to sell your items easily, but if your website is just a brochure promoting other companies products then it really doesn't matter who builds your site as long as you get your site published on a search engine and you get your site visible to other people.

The final option is to have your own company website created and hosted in a data centre by a major web host. This can be a little tricky due to the fact that you need to have your own domain name and web hosting, but if you're selling millions of products across a number of different categories, then this is definitely a feasible option for your company.

Choosing the best option for your particular business is a hard decision, but if you're trying to sell 10M items a year, then you need to protect your business interests by getting your business website designed and published quickly.

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