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Whiteboard animation is a process where a story or a storyboard with pictures gets drawn on a whiteboard

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On Facebook, close to 500 million people watch videos every day. For Snapchat, this number is 10 billion. And YouTube has reported that its users watch one billion hours of videos every day. These statistics make videos one of the powerful and effective ways to reach and influence audiences and build brands and products.

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Video marketing is an integral component of any company's marketing strategy. In simple terms, video marketing is all about increasing audience engagement by delivering relevant and interesting videos. In today's world, video marketing is one of the most frequently and aggressively used methods of winning customers.

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Every brand needs a video strategy. The changes that occurred on every platform and channel made videos essential to meet your goals, such as campaign efforts and social strategy. If you are not using video, you're likely falling behind.

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It's not hard to understand why videos are mainstream nowadays. They come in easy-to-digest formats that give our eyes rest from the sometimes overwhelming textual information online. For individuals who are gearing towards a digital marketing career, it is essential to understand the power of video as a marketing tool.

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Videos have become one of the most popular content forms around the world. Since we live in a digital world, it's natural to like personality and connection. Creating a video marketing strategy gives your target audience an insight into your business. In this video, we'll discuss how to share the positive practices of your business through video marketing.

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Video marketing refers to the process of using videos to market your brand, service, or product. Implementing this into your strategy improves your click-through rates, SEO rankings, conversions, and open rates. This video will help you convey your message to your audience, making your company vision come to life.

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