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Discover How Our Exclusive VIP Club Can Successfully Market  Your Restaurant/Takeaway And Improves Customer Loyalty!

If you want the best sms mobile texting marketing specialist in Sunderland to design and to add business value by attracting customers, creating consistent revenue and efficient marketing then give us a call. Our Mobile VIP Club helps you reach out to customers with special offers and exclusive rewards, ensuring you get more feet through the door!

What Is A Mobile VIP Club?

An SMS or Mobile VIP Club is a loyalty or rewards program that is exclusive to your restaurant/takeaway and sends custom promotions to customers who sign up to join the Club. It provides members access to promotional offers, discounted services, two-for-one deals and much more! All offers are sent by text making for fast and cost-effective marketing.

The Rewards Club Your Way!

Our VIP Rewards Club is so easy to set up, like most trusted mobile sms VIP Club set up company in Durham area, we are allowing you to start rewarding new and loyal customers with the best deals in town.

You are a restaurateur/takeaway and work hard to provide your patrons with the highest quality services. Why not continue to grow your business, build your brand and a fantastic legacy by contacting a cheap and reliable sms text marketing company who can give you the best marketing strategy!

Let us help you introduce an SMS VIP Club that promotes interaction and the establishment of a loyal customer listing.

Why Your Restaurant/Takeaway Needs A VIP Loyalty Club?

Have you tried email marketing with little to no success? Perhaps you've presented pamphlets or coupons in a bid to boost sales and traffic? The secret to a successful rewards program is reached. Your customers are connected to their phones, so why not contact them on a platform that is convenient, easy to access and cost-effective?

No more emails landing in the spam folder or lost coupons! Mobile VIP Club will reach your customers on their phones, making it faster and easier for them to access discounts, rewards, prizes and more!

How Our Mobile VIP Club Works

Start boosting your sales and increasing your profits with exclusive offers for customers who sign up to become a VIP Club member of your restaurant/takeaway.

Via Digital Solutions is one of the cheapest sms marketing consultant for restaurants and takeaways as it assists with the creation of an SMS rewards campaign that represents your brand and the products or services you wish to offer.

Our Club Works With The Following Steps:

1. Introduce Your VIP Club
Create an enticing offer such as an impressive discount or one-time-only deal to encourage patrons to sign-up. Be welcoming and create a sense of excitement!

2. Membership
Customers secure their membership by texting a keyword to a designated number or opening a link sent by text.

3. Rewards
Once the customer’s details are captured, they have immediate access to their rewards and ongoing promotional offers.

4. Boost Your Bottom Line
Reap the rewards of creating business when you please! Your Mobile VIP Club creates satisfied customers, attracts new customers, and increases sales with unique offers.

Text marketing is the new, convenient, and effective way to promote your restaurant.

Create Your Rewards Program Today!

Via Digital Solutions is your trusted reputable mobile sms and VIP Club marketing specialist software provider and consultant in creating VIP Club and SMS marketing that is unique to the requirements of your business.

With an Affordable Monthly Payment Plan, let us build your VIP SMS Club using the best texting software.

Please speak to us to learn more about our Mobile VIP Club today.

The Top Benefits Of SMS Text Marketing For Your Restaurant/Takeaway

The decision to incorporate SMS marketing is rewarding for both new and established restaurants. In a competitive industry, you need a compelling strategy that leaves customers feeling valued and gives them a reason to remain loyal. Our Mobile VIP Club is just that!

If you’re still unsure as to whether SMS marketing is right for your restaurant, we present the following incredible benefits our Mobile VIP Club can provide.

Discover The Mobile Revolution To Successful Restaurant/Takeaway Marketing:

Live and Interactive Marketing

SMS marketing ensures customers receive their deals immediately! No need to wait on printed coupons or emails to be opened, texts are fast and effective.

Make Money Fast

Mobile VIP Clubs encourage fast business rewards. Limited offers and special promotions upon sign up will boost revenue as more people make their way through your doors or engage in online purchases.

Connect To Your Audience

Create a steady stream of capital by marketing to target customers at the appropriate time of day. Families enjoy special offers on the holiday or weekends while working persons are more likely to seek a good deal on their way home. Promotional offers can be customised to suit events, seasons, and lifestyles.

Get More Traffic

Mobile strategies aim to attract more people to your restaurant more often. When customer numbers appear to wane, mobile texts can generate interest and appeal to more people to make a purchase and increase your sales.

Save On Marketing Costs

Coupons are among the most popular promotional strategies; however, it is expensive to print continuously, it prevents getting to know your customer as it provides no information as to who redeemed it, and in most instances, it is ignored. Text allows you to save on marketing costs, to reach more people faster and to learn of specific customer demographics and preferences so that you can tailor your text efforts and club rewards for more spectacular results.

Establish A Customer List

As a small business, text marketing allows you to build a database of customers, which is one of the most valuable investments for your long-term success.

We Are Here To Transform The Way You Market Your Business

We bring unmatched experience to the fore in the creation of Mobile SMS and VIP Club marketing specialist company. We believe that a tailored approach to building a successful text campaign starts with understanding your business and your goals.

Our dedicated team is passionate about getting your restaurant/takeaway on board and helping you build a customer list while getting staff motivated about enticing customers. We further track your progress to maximise results.

How We Help You Achieve A Successful SMS Campaign

Our expert team offers professional advice on refining your text campaign, so you get customers excited and ensure they see the value in what you are offering.

We are Here to Help You Get More Feet Through the Door!

We creates a fully custom SMS marketing program and VIP Club so you can achieve your professional objectives.

Do you wish to increase sales, do you need more customers on your list, or do you want to learn more about your average customer?

Our team will craft an incredible approach to marketing, providing the efficiency and the precision you need to communicate whenever and wherever with your customers!

Why SMS Marketing Is Your Next Best Business Investment

Investing in a smart strategy that is cost-effective for your marketing plan and convenient for your customer, simply makes business sense!

We have assisted multiple restaurants/takeaways in increasing their profits and growing their brand by developing a competitive and successful VIP SMS Club.

Are You Ready To Start Making More Money?

Forget about the coupons and the print adverts! Make the change and reap the immense rewards you will achieve with a spectacular VIP Club we will create for your business.

The process is so simple and so affordable, you will be astonished at the difference it makes for professional sales and business development.

Through our text marketing, all communication is customised to your restaurant/takeaway. As you continue to build a customer list, you can market twice a month, three times a month, or when customer activity slows down. The power is in your hands!



We will take all the risk, and you can put us to the test. We rather earn your

business before asking for it. Let us prove our system will increase your

profits Allow us to set up a VIP  Customer Loyalty program in your business for free. No catch, no obligation, no risk. Just more customers!

Only Pay The Set-Up Charge

Want To Make More Money From Your Existing Customers?

Packages starting as low as £97. Discover how a VIP club can help your business increase foot traffic, sales, and customer retention.


per month

BRONZE: Dessert

We Build An SMS VIP Club

  • Up to 1500 sms messages per month.
  • Up to 2 sms blasts per month.
  • Provide customer capture forms they can be used on website, social media, and in-store
  • Monitor campaign ROI
  • Set-Up Charge £147


per month

GOLD: Main Course

We Build A Loyalty VIP, Email And Celebration Club For Your Business.

  • Up to 4000 messages per month.
  • Celebration club: Build an automated campaign that sends customers birthday and anniversary specials.
  • Done for you marketing: We’ll craft and send 2-3 offer/coupon blasts per month.
  • Create in-store marketing material to promote  celebration club.
  • Provide customer capture forms they can be used on website, social media, and in-store.
  • Monitor campaign ROI
  • Set-Up Charge £147


per month

SILVER: Appetizer

  • Up to 2500 message per month.
  • We build a Loyalty VIP and email club for your business.
  • Done for you marketing: We’ll craft and send 2-3 offer/coupon blasts per
  • Provide customer capture forms they can be used on website, social media, and in-store.
  • Monitor campaign ROI
  • Set-Up Charge £147

Let Us Show You What You Can Achieve

Via Digital Solutions is excited to welcome you to the best VIP Mobile Club services!

Let our team show you what our text marketing solutions can do for your restaurant/takeaway. With our skill, creativity and innovation, we help restaurants/takeaways of all sizes, achieve profitability, growth and a loyal customer base.

Speak to us about an affordable and valuable monthly plan to suit your business needs right here.

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