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Having A Professional Website Is Not Enough?

Imagine this…You have one of the most beautiful and professional business websites on the internet. But your website doesn’t rank on the first or even second page of Google search results… What’s going to happen? You guessed it.

Your website is going to sit barren like the Sahara Desert – getting no visitors and no conversions. You see, the websites ranking on the first page of Google capture 92% of the total traffic. While those ranking on the second page of Google get a mere 6% of the total traffic. And if your website is ranking anywhere below the second page…
Then you can wave goodbye to juicy organic traffic, once and for all!

VIA Digital Solutions Generates FRESH HOT LEADS for Your Company

Get the NEW CUSTOMERS Your Business Demands to Improve Sales, Boost Profits, and Grow Fast

Our Design, SEO, and Content Experts specialize in generating fresh, targeted, highly effective leads for your business. No matter how big or small your business is or what you sell, we can generate quality leads that bring lots of interested new customers to buy more of your product, service, brand, or idea.


Your Customer Generation Consultant – We Lower Ad & Marketing Costs to Get the Quality Leads You Need for Success

It's harder than ever for businesses to get the leads you need to keep your messages active, your phone ringing, your appointments filled, and your products and services flying out the door.

Getting an attractive site designed with engaging content can be a challenge. Trying to master Google's complex SEO requirements can take an entire team of experts. And advertising on the Web and social media can rack up big expense with few sales to show for it.

Get Proven Results with VIA Digital Professional Lead Generation

Our team has years of experience bringing fresh, usable leads to businesses of every kind. Leads are targeted so they have a high probability of becoming excellent new customers for your business.

Instead of mass advertising with scattershot methods that are expensive and don't generate results, we use cutting-edge marketing to create a bespoke lead generation program that fuels your business.

These quality leads are often people who are looking for a product, service, or business like yours. They arrive enthusiastic and ready to purchase.

You and your team spend less time educating, convincing, and selling. In many cases, leads will say “I'm ready to buy” right from the first contact.

That's the huge advantage of organic leads. Today's best prospects research their options online, then choose YOU as the business they prefer. These will be the premium customers who can fuel your success in the months and years to come.


Why You Need Fresh Leads and New Customers

The past couple of years have been an unsettling time for businesses all over the world. Supply chains are disrupted while daily lifestyles have changed everywhere.

Most likely, some of your old and existing customers have changed plans and are no longer as active. It's vital for your business to development new relationships, eager new leads, and qualified new customers. This will help you reach sales goals, maintain healthy finances, and generate the profits you need to grow.

You Get The Latest Proven Lead Generation Methods

We use the very latest in smart SEO, highly professional bespoke web design, content that builds interest and desire, and graphic design that puts you way ahead of the competition.

Our lead generation drives lots of new customers to your site, office, retail shop, service center or anywhere else you do business.

There is no one size fits all. We create a custom bespoke lead generation program that gives you cost effective leads you can count on for success.

How Our Program Works

The program is designed to provide sustainable traffic, higher rankings, and support business growth. The 180-day plan helps us implement the measures needed for successful results.

Day 1 to 30

In our first thirty days, our technicians will implement the strategies to support your business optimisation from the 180th day and beyond.

Here is what to expect during the first thirty days of the program:

Keyword Research

  • Redesign Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Dashboard
  • Branded Property
  • Interlinks to Business Website
  • Selected Brand Profiles
  • Embedded Maps
  • Update NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) and Business Information

Our purpose is to develop the necessary foundation so we can establish an online presence for your business.

Day 31 to 60

During this stage, we execute powerful brand marketing methods to attract potential customers. This includes unique content and exciting strategies for increased and sustainable traffic.

Here is what to expect during your second month:

  • Optimisation of Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Listing
  • Implement Local Link Strategy
  • High-Quality Articles
  • Press Releases

Our team will support interaction with target markets and build on our initial foundation. We will work on brand recognition and a higher level of brand awareness.

Day 61 to 90

During this time, your business will start improving its influx of customers while expanding your online presence. We work hard to produce tangible results.

Here is what to expect during your third month:

  • Optimizing Title Tags
  • Create Great Meta Content
  • Add Image Text
  • Structure Your Links
  • Add More Anchor Texts
  • Implement Targeted TF-IDF Action plans
  • Add A Store Locator
  • Organizational Schema Script Validation

As our valued client, we introduce the value of your growing online presence.

Day 91 to 120

From day 91, we increase digital marketing strategies to broaden your online presence. Our efforts include correct brand listings and attracting traffic to your pages.

Here is what to expect during your Fourth month:

  • 40 additional citations
  • Niche penetration
  • Digital Branding
  • Business listings

Through citations, we heighten brand visibility and drive a high volume of traffic to your website for rewarding Google search results.

Day 121 – 150

At this stage, we encourage local markets while building a supportive and loyal community for your business.

Here is what to expect during your fifth month:

  • Geo-Networking
  • Build Local Brand Relevancy
  • Separate Your Business from The Pack
  • Key in On Local Search Ranking

Our innovative SEO experts will develop brand credibility and reveal your performance compared to your competitors. Through Geo-networking, we build your brand in a trusted community.

Day 151 – 180

The final days will mark brand strengthening methods by defining the business and reaching out to potential customers.

Here is what to expect during your final month:

  • Geo-Relevancy
  • Additional Geo-Networking
  • Additional Quality Content
  • Key Ranking Factors

The final month of optimisation includes a report depicting the culmination of traffic and sales. We provide your business with the tools to maintain its long-term ranking, sales, and success.

Our Quality Promise

Our 180-day program is developed to help you showcase the world what your business has to offer. With our expertise and exceptional optimisation techniques, we ensure your company is competitive and receives the recognition it deserves.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Sales and Revenues?

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Monthly Price £345.00


How Do I Track My Progress?

Our SEO professionals will issue a monthly custom report detailing the progress of the program. The report includes a collection of data representative of your former and current online position.

Why A 180-Day Program?

Building a sustainable online presence with tangible results is not an overnight process. To build your business as an industry authority, we have determined that 180-days is a necessary amount of time to attain our program goals.

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We are excellent reliable organic website SEO optimisation agency South Shields. We help you generate traffic, increase your rank, and appeal to more customers.  Our strategy is trusted as the top-rated program for business optimisation.

We provide long-term marketing, exceptional value, and a high ROI.