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A product video increases conversion by providing a creative and engaging story that shows how your product functions

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Video marketing is the practice of using videos to promote a brand, product or service on various digital and social channels. The prime purpose of these videos is using a new medium to educate consumers and increase their engagement with the brand, service or product being promoted.

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Video marketing is a holistic business approach that uses one of the most powerful mediums to change the way marketers connect with prospective clients and potential customers and turn them into happy customers. Video is not just a brand awareness tool but also an effective way to get new customers.

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Video marketing is the future of content marketing. It is the technique of using videos to influence a potential customer’s purchasing decision. Since our brain responds better to text or audio, customers better retain the messages delivered through videos than those delivered in writing or through audio files.

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Video marketing is the practice of using video content to achieve sales targets by reaching your desired audience and influencing their decision making power. However, video marketing isn’t only about increasing sales, but it is also an effective method to build brand presence and increase website visits and client engagement.

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Until a few years ago, the content was king. Email marketing and newsletters were considered the best ways to influence and win clients. However, the growing popularity of social media platforms and the easy availability of video makers have given marketers another tool, i.e. video. Video marketing is the practice of using videos to better reach potential clients.

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Video marketing is the practice of using videos to influence customers and boost conversions through the use of different kinds of videos, such as explainer videos, demo videos, brand videos, webinars, interviews, etc.

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