The Search Engine Friendly Truth


When you plan to redesign your website or need someone to do it for you, you have a variety of service providers to choose from. You can select from a traditional web designer, a Search Engine Optimization service, a Professional Web Designer or the cheapest google my business agency.

With a traditional web designer, you have a website builder who creates the site, builds it with specific pages and then uploads it to your server. It typically takes a little coordination to move pages around or integrate other information for a design. There often is a little programming involved and some HTML knowledge required.

With a new web site designer, you often only need to provide him with the idea, the images, the title and the keyword. If you are not doing the design, it may even be free! Some sites may have a content area where the content is written and uploaded to the site. Then, from your server, pages can be created and you may design them with images or any other information. There are also site builders that take care of all aspects. They do website building, hosting, search engine optimization, etc.

The new SEO service provides a designer with a complete website that is optimized for the search engines. With a professional web designer, you can have your site hosted on a commercial Web hosting company without programming or knowing any HTML. If they do the website building, you get a finished site in a short time. If they do the hosting, it can be as simple as a few clicks. The cost for a good SEO service is in the mid-six figures.

The choice of the service provider is often based on what you want or need. Some people do not need SEO and can get a good basic design in a few minutes. Others may need lots of design work, and need someone who is a pro, knows SEO, and has a professional approach. The choice to select one or another is often based on who promises you the least.

In the end, the cheapest google my business agency may take over your web design from you quickly, someone who promises minimal design involvement, someone who can do a good design in few minutes, and someone who has the skills and expertise you need, it's often hard to select the best person. All of these choices help, of course.

If you are a design professional, you are the obvious choice because you know SEO and HTML well, you want to do a good design quickly and you are an expert. You may need someone who is relatively new to designing websites, or someone with relatively little design experience. The choice to select someone like this is often based on the time it takes to get a good design, but can be better compared to someone who knows SEO and understands HTML.

The final choice in the above list is probably the most obvious. A person who knows search engine optimization and knows html can do a good design. But this person knows how to do a basic design. You need someone who has a fair amount of design experience, but understands SEO and SEO principles in the basics. There is no substitute for learning and practicing SEO and HTML. There is no substitute for taking classes. There is no substitute for a solid designer and SEO education. You must be knowledgeable with the fundamentals of SEO. You must understand the concepts and philosophies of SEO and be able to apply them to a design.

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