Web Design Basics For Newbies


What is a good number of ads to pay for on a page?

This depends on the total amount of ad space on the page. If it's low then you can pay for less ads but larger ones will be more expensive. Remember you are not looking for more ad space, just advertising space so your paid for ads are less than you think. A cheap website developer in Sunderland will keep you right.

How much will a good page cost?

Again it depends on your target market and whether you have enough advertisers for it to be an ongoing revenue stream for you. It's more profitable to have a small site in a niche market that has no advertisers than it is to have a large site in a popular market that has advertisers ready to drop a third party space on it each week.

Another consideration is that if you build your site for long term profit, you are going to want to have a contact form on your site so that when you do begin to get subscribers or customers you can receive payments and mail out some business correspondence to them. These are simple tasks that a number of sites offer.

If you're running a business website, you will want to make sure that you make the best of the advertising space you pay for, and the advertising space that you get as your business grows.

Your business website design should include the following:

– A Contact Form that is easy to use, and allows people to email you about any topic. It should also have options that are obvious and easy to find, so people don't have to spend time figuring out how to make a payment or how to ask for their mailing address to be changed, among other things.

– A portfolio so people can see examples of your work. It should include things like testimonials, awards, or projects.

– A portfolio of past projects and work to give a sense of how professional you are. Your portfolio should be clear, easy to read, and show your best work.

– Lots of content to give readers a sense of your knowledge and experience. Don't make the mistake of throwing a bunch of small content pages on to the web, because you will have to update many of them yourself. When you finally find time for it, include a site map or index with links to all your pages.

Many people think that since they are just starting out, they don't need to worry about web design. WRONG. You can pick any basic template design you like, and apply your own colours, icons, and text. I'm sure a cheap website developer in Sunderland will guide you in the right direction.

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