The Power Of Article Submission

Choosing the right keywords for your site is essential for long term success, one way of doing this would be to go to Google and perform a search for “what is my niche?” or “keyword tool” and then go to Google and perform a search for “what is my niche?”. If your niche is related to “snowboards”, then you have a good idea of the proper terms for your site.

If your niche is related to “snowboards” then you will have to determine “the most searched for terms” and then use those keywords. The most searched for keywords will have a good search volume.

Once you have determined your keywords, go to any article site and search for your keywords. You will find great articles with the keywords in the anchor text, then find a cheap and reliable search engine optimisation company to do your work for you.

You will find that even if the article is about “green coffee extraction”, you will still get a lot of traffic from that. Google will know that it is a relevant term and search engines will rank that higher than others with “green coffee extract” in the title.

The point is, you do need to pick relevant keywords. This is so important. I usually advise clients to use a term or two of their top keywords in the domain or page name. I've seen sites that do with up to five or six keywords. I often advise them to stay within that. You don't want to have “green coffee extract” in your site as it will look like you are selling something that is green coffee extract.

The next step is to build links to your site. If you don't build links, you won't rank in the search engines. You will just be another website in the internet. There are many methods to do this but one of the easiest methods is by article submission.

Create articles and go to article submission sites and write articles and they will post your article in their sites. You can always add a link to your site in the description and link to your site in the resource box. You can link to your site in the resource box if you feel is appropriate.

This may seem difficult at first but it is very easy to do and very powerful if you choose the right article submission sites. A cheap and reliable search engine optimisation company will more than likely help you.

Make sure you follow the submission rules of the site you submit your article to. It can be hard for some sites to get back to you if you submit your article early. I usually tell clients to submit at night or early in the morning. Sometimes I have to tell them I have to wake them up. Do this until they get a couple articles in return. This will be the equivalent of getting a link and exposure in exchange for their content. If they would have submitted an article in February, they would have gotten an inbound link from the article site.

Another option is to submit articles to directories. I don't encourage this but you have to do it. Again you have to follow the submission rules of the directory. Make sure you use your keywords in the article's title, resource box and article's summary. You can also have keywords in the article's body if it seems appropriate.

Link building through articles is a strategy that you can use to get inbound links to your website. I recommend doing this for your website as it is one of the most powerful ways to get links. Make sure you build these inbound links to your website and not to a webpage on another person's website. The best way to get inbound links is to make quality articles that include links.

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