Web Site Building – PPCC Or PPC?


There are two ways to drive and capture visitors to your web sites. Either you can pay per click campaign or PPC campaign, or use a cheap and reliable search engine optimisation company. When you are in pay-per-click world your focus is on how you can drive traffic to your website. You will know how to drive traffic to your site via AdWords.

You will focus on the keywords and text in you ad and also your landing page that you create using your keywords. If the ad speaks about a car you want the car that is being advertised to be on the landing page because it must be on the landing page that is on the hit page list. This is the method that can bring traffic to your website, or you could pay per click. If it is a site that have many visitors you will be able to get a lot of free traffic which you will convert to paying customers via Pay Per Click and PPC programs. This conversion is known as the click through rate (CTR). The CTR of your ad must be higher then the competitor's ads, so that when you pay for your ads they becomes your customers.

AdWords is one of the best tools to build a profitable business, and in building a profitable business you will not need to borrow money nor borrow again to build a profitable business.

The process of AdWords is to build a list of your clients which should contain a certain key word. You will have one or more keywords that you can click on to see a full report of how many impressions you have with this keyword, and how many of them are a click. This report can be very informative and useful in building a business.

You will be able to do a click and impressions report, this report will tell you if the impressions are high or low. The report you will get will be very useful if you are going to go for another round of advertising to your clients. my advice would be to use a cheap and reliable search engine optimisation company. Just my opinion.

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