The Effectiveness Of Video Marketing


The conversion rate of video marketing is due to the fact that video marketing gives the viewer a face to match the content they are learning. The best video creation marketing experts in Durham area has shown that when people can actually see the benefits of what they are investing in, more of them continue to invest, leading to a higher conversion rate. This means you need to have video on your landing page if you want to get conversions.

Research has also shown that people are 8 times more likely to buy from a company if they can see the face of the CEO. If you don't have video on your landing page, you will have no prospect and almost no chance of getting conversions. Even the best video creation marketing experts in Durham area have proved there are several reasons why video is so effective at getting conversions.

1. Mobile users love video.

The vast majority of mobile users are now on a mobile device. This means they are accessing video marketing on their smart phone. They are also more likely to be willing to pay more for a product that they feel confident using.

2. Videos give your prospect a feeling of control

A large percentage of consumers are very happy to pay more for products that they can see first hand. Studies have shown that these consumers feel more confident in paying for products they can see rather than those they only feel confident about reading about.

3. Videos give your prospects a sense of urgency

Many prospects are very busy these days. The fact that videos are streaming in their mobile devices means they can see the video as they rush about their daily lives. These people feel a greater sense of urgency in paying for a product they can see and hear about first hand.

Having video marketing on your landing page does not mean you have to have a long video. Some marketers are using video shortening services. This is where videos are cut down into segments, with the sections linked together through tags. For example, you can have a single video that has a sales video, an information video, and a support video. This makes it so when someone views the video about the product they see all three sections. This tactic definitely beats a long boring video.

Video will give your landing page a great punch. It's important to be original, but make sure you do use some great techniques. If you can, try to add video to your landing pages. It's the best way to take advantage of the power of video to get your message across. Don't be afraid to do it though, you can even add more videos to your landing pages than are covered in your sales pages. Video is not a hard sell, as long as you do it correctly. It's no more a violation to use video than a long written sales letter. Don't use video to the exclusion of the written sales page. They're both important, they just need to work with you. Remember, look at all the people watching video and what they say about your product. This gives you a very good idea of what your prospects think about your product and what they need to buy.

The rise of video marketing has been huge for internet marketers. They use video in order to show prospects how to take advantage of their products or how to get help with their problems. Video marketing is effective because it works. You can have the best script, the most beautiful photos, the most ideal description, but nothing can beat video when it comes to getting your message across. It doesn't matter if your video is an hour long or 2 minutes.

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