What Should You Include On Your Website?


If you are looking for an affordable website design company you can trust , you have come to the right place. I am a web designer and I have been doing website designing for over 10 years.

I can not get enough of my profession and I want to share all of my experience with you.

In terms of design and content, I believe in the old terms of, (Content is King). You can not have quality content if your site looks like it was made in 2001. You need to get your message across in an exciting, engaging and dynamic way to your audience. Your visitors are looking for innovation, dynamic design, and fresh content. You need to bring in colour, animation, and fun.

I am not talking about a boring website that just has your phone number at the front. I am not talking about a website that has been copied from another website and uploaded onto a website host. I am talking about a professional, affordable website design company you can trust.

You need to have all your contact information, services you offer, logos, and social media links all integrated into the site. Your home page is the most important page in my opinion. Your home page can either give out your contact information or it can make it seem like you are an up and coming band. Your home page will be the first time your visitors see you. Your home page should be dynamic, exciting and interactive. The content on your home page needs to be fun and engaging. You should have a quote, or at least a video that says “Here is what we do and here is a demonstration of how we can do it. We promise to send all your payments on time and on resource. We guarantee prompt and quality services regardless of how many transactions you have. We guarantee to be transparent about our business practices. You can trust us to build a top quality website that would take any budget.

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